Scoutbee is committed to providing free help to organizations performing emergency sourcing of critically needed medical equipment and supplies. Thus, it opens up its global sourcing platform to organizations such as NGOs, public bodies, local and national governments and healthcare providers struggling to source urgently needed supplies – free of charge.


Spring’s Medical Board – adviced by one of Germany’s leading pneumologist Dr. med. Neumeister – developed a free online triage system for everyone who’s concerned about a possible Corona infection.


PlusDental uses the 3D printers of its own facility to produce protective masks and distributes them free of charge to hospitals and medical practices.

Urban Sports Club

Urban Sports Club helps its studio partners to adapt their business to the crisis by launching its new online training platform which streams new content and courses directly from the studios. On top, 80% of the membership fees are distributed to studio partners based on the check-in data of the last six months to also support partners which cannot offer online content such as climbing halls.


SumUp is rolling out free Mobile Payments and Invoicing services for existing customers in the most-affected markets. Furthermore, SumUp put together a COVID-19 information page where small businesses can find links to financial support, digital tools, blogs and the latest official advice.


Warehousing1 provides any organization which needs to store goods related to non-profit Covid-19 aid with free of charge storage space.


Depop made donations to food banks in the US, UK, Italy, and Australia to help them continue to provide supplies to those in need. Additionally, Depop gathers acute information for its merchants.


Penta is working on solutions that is help SME's with emergency aid and tax deferall to get through this crisis. Also, Penta partnered up with iwoca, to offer fast credit decisions.


Zeitgold partners up with Atento to provide businesses with a voucher system which they can use as a measure to ease liquidity. Zeitgold has also taken measures to facilitate information to its SME customers on its newsticker, newsletter, and blog.


Dialogue launched its virtual automated assistant Chloe, which aggregates the latest information for Canadians on the virus from federal, provincial, and territorial health authorities . Chloe’s service system is also open-source in order to allow Canadian health and government agencies to contribute the most recent content as new information becomes available


HV unterstützt eine Studie der TU München zum kontinuierlichen Monitoring zur Früherkennung eines lebensbedrohlichen Verlaufs bei älteren COVID-19-Patienten in einer häuslichen Isolation.

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